Why We Love Real Estate

As a real estate agent you have unlimited potential for income; if you work hard and are willing to take the time, energy and expenses to build your personal brand and business, you can make more money, plus you have a very flexible schedule and a chance to make a difference in many people’s lives.

Another major reason why real estate agents love their work is they get to work and interact with a variety of people. While some office work is required, the majority of agents’ time is spent on-the-go, not in front of a computer screen all day.

While we may convince ourselves that we hate prospecting or showing up to appointments that go nowhere, it’s those very things that make us appreciate our successes that much more. The pursuit, the hopes and dreams of success, the sweat you have to put in to make things happen — all of these are the ingredients for a successful real estate career, and we appreciate the work more than we are willing to admit.

While real estate requires working with lots of different people in different capacities, it also has its share of solitude, and is, at its core, an independent profession. Nothing will happen unless you make it happen yourself, so if you’re an independent-minded person who enjoys being out on your own, not only will you be successful but you’ll also fall in love with the feeling of getting in your car and creating your own destiny.

I love Real Estate

They say that if you do something you love, then you’ll never work another day in your life. Well that’s not exactly true, you’ll still have to work, but it will feel different. In real estate, even though you’re helping other people buy and sell houses, it still feels like something that’s yours. And because it’s yours, you will care. And because you care, you will appreciate it in a way that’s different than almost any other job you could possibly have, which is all the more reason to fall in love with it.

I am very proud of the work that I do: whether it’s assisting buyers in finding, what’s very likely, their life’s most valuable asset, or helping home sellers with the marketing and subsequent sale of their home, as they get ready for the next chapter in their life! How exciting is that!

As a real estate agent, you have a bigger impact on people’s lives than you might think! Definitely not the easiest of responsibilities, but a very rewarding one!

Personal Involvment

Being personally involved with the marketing and sale of one’s home, a real estate agent gets exposed to (not-to-be underestimated) level of emotional stress, whether coming from the home seller, interested buyer or caused by the agent himself.

Intense negotiations spread over days or weeks, writing or presenting offers to purchase at the oddest times or locations or showing potential buyers properties under the most difficult of circumstances, all do contribute to sometimes stressful situations!


  • Marketing a property involves many, many different elements, and it can get very entertaining at times!
  • Initially, the variance and frequency of commission income was definitely something one needs to get used to!

  • As a real estate agent, I like to see it that I’m responsible for making my own economy!

Jack of all trades

Now, that’s not something I can say, as every day is different, thanks to the job diversity this real estate career brings!

If you think about the last time you dealt with a real estate agent on the purchase or sale of a property, have you ever stopped and realized that your agent actually was a mix of photographer, journalist, psychologist, attorney, housekeeper, interior designer, babysitter, personal secretary, security guard, and roof repairman etc. Just to name a few of the duties a real estate agent will perform over the course of marketing your property!

Wasn’t it the Zig Ziglar, who said that “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

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